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New Website for servicing Digit filmmakers and festivals from here to eternity

Welcome to a brand new site exclusively dedicated to DIGITAL FILMs – digitfilms.com You can browse all over the Internet but this is the ONLY place you’ll find ALL, in one spot, about the digit genre : digital festivals, filmakers, up to date tech news, community, mirror sites, nursemaid services for digital filmakers :) Yup, they sure need to be taken care of too !

You name it, we’ll have it – directors, dedicated festivals, screenplays, musicians, actors, producers, scriptwriters : They all will be here, on our one-of-a-kind website ..waiting to be clicked on, under the name of the digit.
A cornucopia of up to-date information and multimedia data, including hyperlinks, graphic arts, photographs, biographies, excerpts, head shots, posters, music, past and coming attractions and opportunities - !
You’ll find it all here on www.digitfilms.com educating, nurturing, matching and offering all that has to do with digital filmaking.

Join our Community. This is the best place to be noticed by producers around the globe. You wrote a script, You’re an actor, you’re looking for a Producer or an Actor. Click here and Subscribe to our Newsletter. Login and fill out our Mailing List and REGISTER YOUR FILM. We’re delighted to have you onboard to keep in touch with, to receive your comments and opinions and contributions and to inform you about all the all the exciting news and innovations about digital filmaking, festivals and filmakers.

Consult any of our Professional PRO Pages for up to date reports on the genre, go interactively to the players by linking up, set up your webpage without delay and have a glimpse at our state of art staff : seasoned professionals with failproof experience in both the web and more importantly, film festivals .. But most important of all : This site is geared to anyone who loves Digital films !!!!

In the upcoming weeks our database will continue to grow. Watch it grow ..... Additional interactive services will be available to enrichen your interfacing with our website.

Digitfilms will soon become the indispensable way for you to advance with those sleeping projects and capture all the opportunities you so deservedly need to make yourself a real player with

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