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Thursday 1 January 1970
KUKTAU is the first film ever made in Tatar June 1, 2005

KUKTAU is the first full-length feature film ever made in Tatar. Its premier presentation at the 45th ZLIN International Childrens` Film Festival in Czech Republic on May 30th has raised considerable interest, highlighted by the onstage appearance of lovely Alina Rizvanova, Executive Producer, in native costume, singing a song in Tartar before the audience "Children should not be separated from their Parents".

A production of the The Kazan Documentary Film Studio and Sabantui Studio, with financial support from the Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Tatarstan, located in the Center of Russia, the feature is directed by young filmaker Ildar Yagafarov, both a director's and producer's debut, and shot in the Kazan Documentary Film Studio and outskirts.

The moving story is about the relationship between two lonely people who meet each other through fate - Bulat, a disabled boy and a grown-up man, Karim. Both have a tragic past, having lost their families in a freak car accident. When Karim witnesses the adoption procedure of young Bulat by an American couple which have paid for the young cripple and promised an operation, he kidnaps him to prevent his expatriation.

This is not an easy, albeit altruistic task though, and soon the conflict between both individuals and society steeps in, following a short term of openness, contact with nature and liberation for young Bulat, and societal dictates move to separate both misfits after a brief spell of happiness.

Particularly touching are the first-time minimalist performances of the leading protagonists, in a setting completely unknown to foreign spectators but which successfully transmit human empathy re uprooting of children from their families and nationalities.

In her introduction, Ms. Rizvanova, noted that Kazan Documentary School is very famous in Russia and last year celebrated its 80th anniversary of Cinematography of the Republic of Tatarstan, thereby emphasizing the distinction with Russian Cinematography, generally only universally recognized and usually connected with Moscow or St.-Petersburg. Russian Cinema, she stressed, is multinational and the showing of KUKTAU here at Zlin FF,in its first festival presentation outside Russia attests to that distinction.

No doubt, the Kazan Studio, which until now, only produced documentaries, will be highly solicited for its first feature KUKTAU, on the international circuit.

Helen Dobrensky at 45th ZLIN Childrens Fest, Czech Republic


35 mm, 8 parts, 2196,6 m, Duration - approximately 80 minutes. Colour, mono, normal. Director - Ildar Yagafarov Scriptwriter - Mansur Gilyazov Camera - Rafik Galeev Art director/artist - Sergey Skomorokhov Music - Yuri Chaplin

Cast: Farid Bikchantayev, Yusuf Bikchantayev, Rinat Tazetdinov, Azgar Shakirov, Firdavus Khairullina, Shaukat Biktemirov, Lyaisan Dusayeva, Vasily Falaleev

Producer: Svetlana Bukharayeva Executive producer: Alina Rizvanova Production - The Kazan Documentary Film Studio, Sabantui Studio with financial support of Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Tatarstan

Helen Dobrensky ,


Manager International Press Relations

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